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Clay, oxides and glazes


"Long Neck"

the Sea Inside
Red terra cota clay with oxide, glass and underglazes

Clay Artist


The creative process for me began as a one dimensional Stain glass artist. Later I found stain glass to be very flat and limited.

Much to my surprise, a collage of mine had told me about ceramic classes at the Craft Gallery, so I decided to try my hand at it and I developed a passion for it. To my surprise again Betty Wilson the owner was looking for an apprentice and I jumped at the chance. Being self taught I gave it a chance.

My passion for ceramics began in sculpture, I was drawn to it. I traveled to a couple of National Council on Education of the Ceramic Arts events. While being there I was intrigued by the sculpture and how so many of the artist captured a thought, or a emotion in daily life. So I decided to work on my craft as a artist in ceramics. I enjoyed taking pottery workshops and classes with many artists. Soon I developed my own style.

When I begin my sculpture I think of a word and then I research it, I sketch my little cartoon drawings from my visions, then I get the idea of what has surfaced. I begin with thick coils and start pinching the terra cotta clay. That's when my unconscious takes over and the storyteller begins. Usually these stories have no ending, no beginning or do they have a answer to any questions. I hope they show honesty, the emotion and the mysteries of the human element. When working on a form I have found is to be very healing.

I use combinations of under glazes, oxides and slips. Some of my pieces are fired two or three times to get the desired surface. I am never sure what surprises will come, but that seems to be the story of my life in clay, one big surprise after another.

Blue Daisy
Clay and glazes

Healing House

Porcelain clay and underglaze

Bumble Bee
Terra cota clay with oxides and underglazes

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